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Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection firm enough for sex. It is a very common problem. It can be caused by  long-term Diabetes, high cholesterol, Obesity, Heart diseases etc.It may occur earlier in men with histoy of diabetes.

Having erectile dysfunction can be a real challenge. It can leave you and your partner feeling frustrated and discouraged. It is estimated that about 35% to 75% percent  of men with diabetes will experience at least few  degree of erectile dysfunction.Men with diabetes tend to develop erectile dysfunction 10 to 15 years earlier than men without diabetes. Above the age of 50, the likelihood of having difficulty with an erection occurs in approximately 50% to 60% of men with diabetes. Above age 70, there is about a 95% likelihood of having few  difficulty with erectile dysfunction in men who have diabetes, specially those with type 2 diabetes . The region  of erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes are complex and involve impairments in nerve, blood vessel, and muscle function. To get an erection, men require  healthy blood vessels, nerves, male hormones, and a aim  to be sexually stimulated. Therefore, even if you have normal amounts of male hormones and you have the desire to have sex, you still remain may not be able to achieve a firm erection.Take  early steps to cope with diabetes and  erectile dysfunction  and get your sex life back on track.