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Exercise and Osteoporosis

The best way to keep your bones healthy and away from osteoporosis is by doing regular exercise and even if you already have osteoporosis, safe and regular exercise can help maintain the bone mass. When you exercise, it builds and maintains the Bone Mass & Density.

There are three types of exercises for osteoporosis which are weight-bearing, providing resistance & flexibility. These three types of exercise include:

Helpful Exercise for Osteoporosis

  1. Weight-Bearing Exercise: Weight-bearing means your feet and legs support your body’s weight. A few examples of weight-bearing exercise for osteoporosis are walking, hiking, dancing and stair climbing. This exercise means weight bearing of the whole body on the legs.
  2. Resistance Exercises: This Resistance means you’re working against the weight of another object which helps with osteoporosis as it strengthens muscle and builds the bone. Studies have shown that resistance exercise increases bone density and reduces the risk of fractures.Resistance exercise for osteoporosis includes Free weights or weight machines at home or in the gym and Resistance tubing that comes in a variety of strengths.
  3. Flexibility Exercise: The Flexibility is another important form of exercise for osteoporosis. Having flexible joints helps prevent injury. Regular stretches, Yoga&T’ai chi are few examples.

Following points must be kept in mind if you have osteoporosis. One should speak to his or her doctor before starting any exercise related to bones:

  • Weight-bearing exercise must not have to be high impact. Speed Running, jogging and jumping may put stress on your spine and these lead to high impact pressure which can lead to stress fracture.
  • Be careful of exercises which involve bending and twisting at the waist. These motion can put you at risk of spine problems.