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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Facts About Lung Cancer

The uncontrolled growth of cells leads to Lung Cancer. There are various factors that increase the risk of lung cancer like smoking, which damages the cells in the lungs. According to an ICMR report, cancers associated with tobacco intake account for about 30% of all cancer in both males and females.

Some facts about Lung Cancer that one should know are mentioned below.

1. Non-smokers can suffer too

Both smokers and non-smokers have risk of developing lung cancer. Non-smokers or passive smokers often inhale nicotine and other harmful chemicals exhaled by smokers around them. Additionally, polluted air and smog affect the lungs of non-smokers too and can also leads to loss of effective blood flow to the heart can cause cardiovascular diseases.

2.  Lung cancer shows few symptoms

Lung cancer at times does not show any signs or symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage. It is thus very important to visit a doctor and get screened if you notice signs like a blooding cough, chest pain, shortness of breath, change in voice and unexplained weight loss.

3. Lung cancer is one of the deadliest cancers

Now days, Lung cancer is the leading cause of death. According to an ICMR report lung cancer is one of the most common and the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. It leads to 19% of cancer-related deaths worldwide. The same ICMR report states that by the end of year 2020, there will be a rise in the numbers and 1.04 lac new lung cancer cases are likely to be added that year.

4.  Lungs can repair themselves before cancer strikes

While the damage caused by lung cancer or diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) is often irreversible, lungs can repair themselves before these diseases strike. However, it is imperative to quit smoking. Within months of not smoking, and with a balanced diet and exercises that increase lung capacity, the body will experience better circulation and boost the way the lungs function. Shortness of breath and coughing if any, will decrease as well.

5. Replacing cigarettes won’t help

All tobacco products are unsafe. Products other than cigarettes like paan masala and gutkha harms the body equally. These products are the leading cause of cancer of the mouth and throat, commonly known as oral cancer.