Freedom From Back Pain

Freedom From Back Pain

In this high-speed busy life where there is no routine, we have all chances of getting spine problems. In no time, we find that the problem which was looking simple is now getting bigger and bigger affecting our daily life. Backache is a very common problem, so common that everyone is likely to suffer from back pain during some part of their life. Spine problems are among the top five causes of hospital visits and hospitalization.


Freedom from backpain



We will discuss today regarding common causes of backache, diagnosis, treatment, and finally how to prevent backache.

Common causes of sudden onset backache include prolonged sitting and standing, improper way of weight lifting, sudden twisting, turning, or bending, heavy weight lifting. Simple backache usually does not require any investigations but there are few symptoms or red flags that you should not ignore and immediately consult a doctor.

The symptoms are

  1. Severe backache not relieved by analgesics and affecting daily life
  2. Not able to sit or stand
  3. Severe pain radiating to lower limbs (Sciatica)
  4. Numbness or weakness of legs
  5. Night pain(cries)
  6. History of cancer in the body

The doctor will decide after examination whether any investigation is required further. The most common test is plane x-ray, which will tell about the condition of bones, disc space narrowing any bending like scoliosis or kyphosis. MRI is a gold standard test for diagnosing spinal problems. This will tell not only about any compression on nerves but also give information about the condition of bones and muscles. It will also detect any infection or cancer.


This includes bed rest for 1 or 2 days only. Prolonged bed rest is now not recommended and will make muscles weak. Return to activity is recommended early.

Hot and cold fomentation

  1. Immediately after acute pain, the cold application is done and then switched over to hot fomentation.
  2. The application should be done for at least 30 min in one go for better results.
  3. There is no hard and fast rule for hot or cold fomentation. you can choose anyone which is working better for you.
  4. Physical therapy should be started under the guidance of a trained physiotherapist.
  5. Medicines will be prescribed by a treating doctor which may include analgesics, muscle relaxants, or other drugs used in neuropathy.


The wonderful thing about the spine problem is that although backache is very common, the need for surgery is uncommon. Only 10% of patients with backache will need surgery. Surgery usually is minimally invasive using a microscope or endoscope. The patient is usually discharged the next day. Some patients with instability will require fusion procedures and implant insertion.


  1. A healthy diet rich in calcium and vitamins
  2. Quit smoking
  3. Daily exercises
  4. Proper posture in sitting and standing
  5. Proper body mechanics in weight lifting