What happens to Metabolism after 5 days of junk food?

As we all know eating junk food every day can never do any good to us. Therefore, without a doubt, it is understood that a lot of unwanted and harmful changes occur in our body when junk food is eaten for 5 consecutive days which give long-term effects like obesity, insulin resistance, the beginning of cardiac diseases, etc.

Junk Food Affects your Muscles and your Blood Glucose Levels :

The person’s muscles, following this lifestyle, lose the ability to oxidise glucose which result in increased blood sugar levels. Also, eating the food rich in fats and sugars elevate the blood sugar levels called ‘postprandial hyperglycemia’. And on a short-term basis, this can lead to stiffness of tissues, hypertension, the collection of fats in arteries and many other problems. Few of the junk food or processed foods break down at a faster rate and interfering with the blood glucose levels. They also remain in digestive track for a longer period of time until complete digestion takes place leading to abnormal nutrient absorption. Junk foods are usually devoid of fibres and lead to constipation and deficiency of various nutrients and vitamins. The food additives or preservatives present in junk foods produce many toxins which interfere with our body functioning when consumed for few days regularly. Women especially face the problem and may develop cyst or stones in the body. The unhealthy fat which we eat followed by no physical activity gets stored in our body leading to weight gain which results in obesity.

Junk food can adversely affect your metabolism:

Our metabolism becomes so weak that after 5 days it takes time of 2-3 days for our body to function normally as before. And it has been very much observed in many types of research that eating a high-fat diet can change a person’s normal metabolism in the very short timeframe. Few other complications which arise due to the same are high cholesterol levels, production of acne, depression, dental distress, etc. It is therefore highly recommended to have a healthy and well-balanced diet to earn a healthy life as even one bad meal can become an enemy for your defence mechanism of the body. One should keep in mind that joy of eating junk food in present can become a pain in future. Eat healthy, stay healthy!