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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Harmful effects of Junk Food

In this running life, everyone is so busy managing their work, responsibilities and meeting deadlines that eating on the go, fast and junk food has become quite common. Junk food is the easiest and ever ready option to satisfy one’s hunger. This practice, in turn, leads to many complications which include obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, memory loss, etc., when consumed in large amounts. Though junk food is appealing and liked by our taste buds the same is also responsible for numerous internal problems. Even cases of depression have been observed due to overeating of junk food, as it lowers the functioning of our brain.

What does junk food consist of?

Junk food primarily consists of sugars and calories and not eating the right proportion of nutrients makes the brain tired, which causes depression. Also, daily consumption of junk food makes a person’s brain suffer from a dilemma, whether it the body needs more food or not. And this might lead to overeating and thus the obesity or cardiac problems.

What does excessive intake of junk food lead too?

Junk food increases the blood sugar level and most of the foods like chocolates, doughnuts, ice-creams, candies, etc., consumption also elevates the sugar levels and makes the situation worse. The carbs present in the junk food breaks down and our body converts it into sugar raising the blood glucose levels.

The fat or calories which junk food gifts us get stored in our body as bad cholesterol and if no physical activity is done then this fat collects in the arteries and blocks the blood supply leading to cardiac problems. And it can be clearly stated that more the consumption of junk food, more the cases of obesity.

In today’s time, the age does not matter to have cardiac, obesity or diabetes problems because the people of every age group are prone to junk food and enjoy this habit. Children enjoy it more likely than homemade food and undergo obesity or depression.

Junk food also lead to acne, headaches, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, etc. Seeing the scenario it’s a matter of concern which everyone needs to realise soon. Parents should also be careful towards their kid’s intake of junk food and instead of being lazy and careless, they should give them homemade healthy, nutritious food. Office workers must also keep healthy options with them instead of jumping towards junk food. Thus, the conclusion is junk food can never be a master of your health.