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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Health and Fitness Tips for Women

It is a saying that the house doesn’t rest on the ground, it rests on the shoulders of a woman. Today a woman’s life is full of responsibilities and daily jobs. Due to her work and life pressures she is not able to pay attention to her own health and comfort. A woman usually ignores her signs and symptoms and ends up neglecting herself. It is important for women to have a well balanced lifestyle and habits so they can have a healthy life.  Following are few recommendations from an expert gynecologist on how you can have a simple and active life.

Recommendations for a Healthy, Active & Balanced Life for Women :

  • A good diet along with an exercise plan should be flexible and compatible with our lifestyle- It is usually not possible to not make mistakes eating while outdoor. Therefore, let go off the guilt and revert back to the right track
  • Do not refrain from any of the food groups – We should aim to seek 3 serving of calcium, 2-3 servings of some lean protein and 3-5 servings of the healthy grain every day. Every meal and snacks shall comprise of at least 1 fruit or a vegetable.
  • Water is life – Water compensates lost fluids while we are working out, else we may get de-hydrated and body would perform low. This is a bigger problem for women as compared to men because women mostly have more body fat than the muscle. Body fat holds neither water nor muscle. Therefore, always take plain water instead or an energy drink.

Health Fitness Tips for Women

  • We should be attentive to our form, alignment and breathing – Inhale a slow and long breath followed by a similar exhalation and do not strain. Practice this for 5-10 breaths, and then allow the breath to restore to normal rhythm but keep a slight attention to it.
  • Get a full body check up done every 6 to 8 months – Regular health checkups and tests may help identify problems even before they start and the chances of treatment are much better. A woman needs few special screening s and exams including Pap smear, clinical breast checkup, pelvic exam, etc.
  • Start your day with ample healthy breakfast – Breakfasts make or even break diets, they schedule the day. Do not be amongst the ones who skin breakfasts assuming it shall help them lose weight. Abstain from processed food and meat and take organic and clean food instead.
  • Do not obsess over food – Eat simple. Losing weight certainly helps in boosting our confidence and motivating us but do not miss to live your life by obsessing with food.
  • Weight lifting – Lift some weights for gaining some fine quality muscles under a trainer. This shall also help you get rid of all negative energies.