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Health Tips for Summer

Health Tips for Summer
in Internal Medicine

Apr 19, 2022

Summer brings cheer to children & the family in the form of vacations and gives them an opportunity to visit new places. This travelling exposes the family and the kids to two factors – heat and food & water related illnesses, e.g. Dianoia (food poisoning) as micro-organisms grow very fast in hot weather.

Health Tips for Summer

Heat and Illnesses:

Heat related illness includes minor conditions like heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat syncope & severe conditions like heat stroke, in which patient becomes disoriented and requires admission to the hospital. These can be presented or treated in early stages by taking plenty of fluids & electrolytes, keeping skin cold by taking bath or spraying water on the  skin. Hypertensives, heart patients, renal failure patients, diabetes are at an increased risk of heat related illness . They  should avoid travelling during peak hours of the day. More over many drugs that these patient take also put them at risk of heat related illness like diuretics.

Travelling can affect your health:

Travelling to new placers increases our interaction to out-side food and our dependence of other people. If we keep fine things in mind while eating outside food, our chance of falling sick will become less,  but may not be eliminated.

Health Tips for Summer Travel:

  • Cleanliness: Always wash hands and use a sanitizer before eating. Eat at places which are hygienic. Avoid street food
  • Choose foods which are freshly cooked or are served hot
  • Use safe water, preferably bottled water
  • Choose foods which are pasteurized e.g. pasteurized milk, or take juices which are in tetra packs
  • Eat whole fruits
  • Try and keep your body covered by wearing full sleeves clothes – if you have plans of going out in the sun
  • Use a sunblock and carry an umbrella at all times
  • Try limited exotic food, as any component can make you allergic or cause a reaction
  • While travelling long distances carry a bottle of water with you at all times

 Note: Alcohol, Soft Drinks & Sports Drinks can make dehydration worse.



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