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Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Women

Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Women
in Internal Medicine

Apr 19, 2022

Today’s competitive  world takes a heavy roll  on our health, This is more in case of women , who have to multi task, to maintain work family balance ,women also undergo a multitude  of hormonal changes during life , during nexus ,pregnancy ,  menopauses , making them more variable to heath problem  , in this scenario it is  utmost important to maintain a healthy  lifestyle. Few life style habits should be kept in mind for healthy living.

Lifestyle Tips for Women

  • Proper diet –  consuming the balance diet rich in importance nutrients and minerals is  to utmost very importance , iron , folic acid , calcium ,are essential nutrients  that are often  in deficient in   women. Plenty of folic daily along with high fibber diet keeps systems such as lethargy constipation heat burn at bay.
  • Regular Exercise – following the daily exercise routine works wonder for your health , exercise release  endoplasm in the body keeping stress under check .it also decrease the risk of life style related diseases such as diabetic and hypertension and cardiac  diseases
  • Avoid Smoking – Smoking causes an increase in oxidative stress in the body posing a risk for  cancer such as lung  ovarian and cervical  cancers. it also casus rays of vaso constriction  decreasing blood oxygen  supply to cell  of causing them to age faster
  • Regular Health Check Up– women should undergo regular breast and genital examination to screen for cancer simple diagnosis sample test such as mammography and pap smear help in the early detection of these malignancies. This is more important for those who have a family history of cancer.
  • Opt for the Right Tests – Apart from cancer screening regular blood test such as sugar, lipid profile, thyroid test are advisable to repeated on yearly basis in early detection of chronic elements
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