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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Hemophilia A- diet and Nutrition tips

Hemophilia A is a genetic disorder which is characterized by a deficiency of clotting factor VIII. The absence of the clotting factor causes uncontrolled bleeding. Medication may be used to prevent bleeding but diet also plays an important part. Maintaining an ideal body weight is very important.Eating healthy is very important.Choose fruits and vegetables. Avoid fatty foods and food items with empty calories like junk food and soft drinks.

Build on the calcium – Calcium is very important to build strong bones and healthy teeth. Healthy teeth are very important because gum disease can lead to bleeds. Hence maintain a healthy dental hygiene. Calcium-rich foods are milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, calcium fortifies cereals.

Keep a check on your iron – When you bleed iron is lost from the body, so iron-rich diet is very important to make up the iron lost. Some iron-rich sources of iron are lean red meat, beans, poultry, and dried foods like raisins. Iron is better absorbed when you eat with vitamin C such as oranges, citrus fruits tomato and broccoli. Avoid refined and processed foods.

Hydration is essential – Hydration is very important.Water is very important for your joints, organs to work. To increase the water intake drink plain water, coconut water, lemon water, homemade soups can be taken to increase the amount of water.

Be informed about the food you eat – Always read the label before buying a food, read about its fat content. It should not have more fat, as keeping the ideal body weight is very important.

Choose the right oils – Reduce fat intake and choose healthy fats like fish, canola oil, walnuts.Avoid saturated fat which is found in full-fat dairy and high-fat meat. Eating right amount of food is very important and maintain a healthy weight is very important to maintain a good lifestyle and to prevent complications.

Important Note – Food supplements should not be taken without consulting the physician.Maintaining good habits is very important to choosing healthy food, keeping the right amount of portions, hydration, exercising to maintain a healthy weight.