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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Hemophilia Lifestyle

Although haemophilia has no cure, a proper lifestyle can help in preventing complications like bleeding episodes. It is essential to sensitize oneself and the people around you so that the right steps can be taken during an emergency. Moreover, important steps should be taken to prevent the same. Given below are few lifestyle recommendations for patients suffering from haemophilia.

Exercise– Weight management is an important aspect of haemophilia lifestyle. Exercising every day is important to prevent obesity. A healthy diet and exercise go hand in hand.It improves muscle and bone strength. Safe exercise options can be listed as walking, swimming. Patients should avoid exercises which are likely to cause injury. Exercise should be a part of the routine. Excess body weight can put a stress on joints.

Good dental hygiene – It is very important to avoid bleeding gum disease as it will cause complication. A child should be taught to avoid sugary foods that can damage teeth.

Physiological issues – People with bleeding disorders face many challenges. Children with this disorder have many issues that should be addressed by the parents. Parents should address all the issues and support their child and always help in maintaining a good lifestyle for their children.

Safety – It is very important. Some steps are necessary to be taken like avoiding falls, avoid physical activity or sports that involve body contact like wrestling, sew padding in the knees to the toddler to avoid bruising. If a child goes to school, then the teacher in the school should also be informed about the condition and take safety measures.

Avoid frequent snacking – It causes a high intake of fat and sugar. Eating fast food frequently causes obesity and unhealthy body weight.Healthy snacking should be a part of healthy lifestyle. Make healthy choices and opt for not eating frequently. Always have a healthy diet, in conjunction with the medications, the diet should be planned by consulting a professional dietician.

Positive talk –Keeping the person positive will help in improving a person’s lifestyle.This can change a child’s overall thinking and help in developing good habits and healthy lifestyle.

A big no-no to sugary foods –Sugary foods can worsen the teeth health, it can damage good teeth hence it should be avoided especially liquids which have high sugar content.It is bad for teeth as well as for weight.