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How bottling up stuff inside can create Stress, Anxiety and Depression

How bottling up stuff inside can create Stress, Anxiety and Depression
in Psychiatry and Psychology

Apr 19, 2022


Stress is often neglected in day to day life event when it could play a very detrimental role in our mental health. It is a process that puts the bodily systems under strain in order to cope with the environmental demands that bring about psychological and biological changes that could account for an illness. If the stress is continued or prolonged, it can leave adverse effects on body’s immune, cardiovascular, endocrine and central nervous systems. When chronic stress goes untreated it can result into serious disabilities like insomnia, weakened immune system, high blood pressure, anxiety and muscle pain. It can also play a role in developing major disorders like depression.


Anxiety is a normal response to danger but we can say abnormal when its severity is out of proportion to the treat of danger.  Anxiety is a normal part of life and all of us will experience ‘difficult periods’ that are for the most part temporary and usually harmless. Many people are suffering from an anxiety disorder and the common symptoms of recognize the same area – experiencing fear, nervousness, constant worry, nail biting, etc.


Depression is the normal response to loss or misfortune, when it may be called grief. Depression is abnormal when it is out proportion to the misfortune or is unduly prolonged. Depressed mood is closely coupled with other changes, lowering of self-esteem, negative thinking and a reduction or loss of the experience of pleasure.

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety disorders are among the most common illnesses in the community. Patients with depression often have features of anxiety disorders, and those with anxiety disorders commonly also have depression. Both disorders may occur together. It can be difficult to discriminate between them but it is important to identify and treat both illnesses.

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