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How can we prevent lifestyle diseases?

Due to the sedentary lives, we see Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD’s) increasing at a rapid rate. Ailments like diabetes, thyroid, heart disease, numerous types of cancer are commonly seen in the urban population. It is hence essential that we prevent them and the complications associated with the same by following a healthy lifestyle.

Recommendations to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases:

Healthy Lifestyle – Talk to your family doctor about your risk factors and what tests and exams are right for you. All of the major causes of death such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease and injury can be prevented by making healthy lifestyle choices.

Avoided smoking and tobacco use – Smoking and using tobacco are very dangerous habits. More preventable illnesses such as emphysema, mouth, throat and lung cancer and heart disease are caused by tobacco use than by anything else.

Avoid alcohol – Alcohol can damage the liver and contribute cancer – such as throat and liver cancer. Alcohol also contributes to deaths from car wrecks, murder, and suicides.

Eat Healthy – Heart disease, certain cancers, stroke, diabetes and damage to your arteries can be linked to what you eat. By making healthier food choices you can avoid lifestyle health complications.

Lose weight if you’re overweight – Carrying too much weight increases your risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, gallbladder disease and arthritis in the weight-bearing joints (such as the spine, hips or knees).

Exercise – Exercise can help prevent heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, and depression. It can help prevent colon cancer, stroke and back injury.

Health Screening – Talk to your family doctors about your risk factors and what tests and exams are right for you. Men are more likely to die from heart, liver, kidney, and diabetes.

Cancer Screening – Ask your doctor about cancer screenings such as prostate and colorectal cancer depending on your risk factors and family medical history, your doctor may want to check for other types of cancer.

Don’t Sunbathe – Sun Exposure is linked to skin cancer. It’s best to limit sun exposure and wear protective clothing and hats when you are outside.