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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

How Serious Coronavirus is for the Children

I am a Pediatrician and a Childhood Cancer specialist. Since the past 10 years I have seen very many faces of disease, mostly ugly taking lives, and it’s overwhelming when it’s a child. The odds that we work with are so insignificant that sometimes it’s almost impossible to give any ray of hope to the parents. So when I am alone pondering over my day I mostly get discouraged. I wish I could give them more hope, I wish I could give them smiles for a few more months(in palliative therapy). Our children have such weak immune system that often post therapy many of them do succumb to infections. This is the most painful of the lot. A child who has already fought cancer dying of infections is a miserable fate.

So here comes another massive blow on the head, CoVID-19, the killer machine known to man with a wider range and effective delivery. Man-made or God-made no time to care, it’s mocked the mankind and caused loads of despair. it’s time to show them we can’t be defeated,We can’t be brought down by this tiny virion. It is hope that everyone wants and for that they must register one thing,

social distancing is the key,

Come, what you may feel.

Don’t go out or open your door,

Make sure you clean your floor.

Hygiene, excercise and food,

Has to be persistent and good.

Once the Corona war has been won,

We shall all bask happily in the sun!!…

For now all my lovely kids and survivors stay safe at home and pray!!!. For me u all are Gems in ‘Gods own Tray’!!!…