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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

How Suicidal Tendencies can be Treated?

Combating suicidal thoughts that keep coming back requires medical attention in the long term. As a matter of fact, suicidal tendencies are curable. With the treatment and support of the loved ones, it is possible to manage the persisting condition.

Diagnosis of Suicidal Tendencies

A psychiatric diagnosis is required to identify the exact causes of such tendencies. The development of suicidal tendencies is directly associated with conditions like bipolar disorders, cluster B personality disorder, and substance abuse. Individuals, having subjected to abuse in their early childhood, are more vulnerable to suicidal thoughts and tendencies and usually have a hard recovery. Individuals with bipolar disorders and psychotic disorders are more inclined towards attempting suicides as compared to others.

A detailed and careful assessment of the life and clinical situation of the patient is therefore necessary. A recent event of a loss such as ongoing divorce or the death of a loved one increases the chances of developing suicidal thoughts and tendencies. A major emotional or financial setback might also be seen as a precursor to suicidal thoughts.

Treatment of Suicidal Thoughts and Tendencies

Suicidal tendencies are best treated with time and support of the near and dear ones. One must remind them that suicide is not a way out of the burgeoning problems in life. Even though there is no single measure to manage the issue, following the steps can contribute to the well-being and improvement of the overall mental state of the patient in the long run.

  • Take about suicidal thoughts. Most people feel isolated when feeling suicidal and can’t see way out. Talking about it helps find a solution.
  • Keep away from fatal methods of suicide

Eliminating access to the most common methods of suicide such as knives, life-threatening drugs, firearms will reduce the chances of suicide to half.

  • Take treatment from qualified professionals.

People don’t go to mental health practitioners for of being labeled/stigmatized but professionals are your best for adequate and effective treatment. Follow treatment advice and Stick to the medications prescribed by the doctor. However, some anti-depressants may enhance the frequency of suicidal thoughts for the patient, especially when the patient starts taking the medications for the first time.

  • Avoid alcohol and drugs

Stay away from drugs and alcohol as they increase suicidal tendencies. Report to the doctor if you believe the prescribed medication is not working for you or causing any side effects psychotherapy along with medicines improve our canes substantially.