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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

How To Detect Cancer Early and Early Signs of Cancer Symptoms

It is possible to detect cancer early if one is vigilant about the warning signs of cancer. Look out for lumps and growth in any part of the body. Any prolonged fever, bleeding from any site, loss of weight or appetite, difficulty in swallowing, or hoarseness of voice especially if you are a smoker. Please do not ignore them and consult your physician or best hospital for cancer treatment immediately. Consult oncologists for family cancers or if there is a doubt.

how to detect cancer early

It is possible to detect cancer early if one is vigilant about the warning signs of cancer. Get regular cancer screening test, and consult an oncologist.

Get regular cancer screening test for yourself and your family members. Screening for cancer is done when you are healthy and without symptoms. Cancer screening test are available for breast, cervix, prostate, colon, and lung cancer. They detect cancer early stage, which not only cures cancer but also prevents the side effects and cost of prolonged treatment.

Treatment of cancer is expensive. Recently, I treated a 32-year-old patient who has charted accountant himself along with his wife and father who were both CA’s. They were financial advisors for hundreds of their clients but forgot to get cancer insurance. So, had to sell most of their property to pay for treatment. For the young, healthy, and self-sufficient, there is a small piece of advice. The way you have insured your bike or car, insure yourself and your family with good cancer insurance cover. They are more important than your car or bike.

There are several myths and facts about cancer. That it is incurable, it is a curse, starvation can cure cancer, biopsy or surgery will spread it, chemotherapy kills the patients, and so on. It is common to hear heart-rending tales by elderly cancer survivors that their grandchildren are not allowed to be touched as cancer is thought to be infectious. Bust these myths! They are dangerous and keep the people from doing the right things. More importantly, don’t believe in rumors or wrong, unauthenticated, unproven information!

We are sure after this, you all are motivated to do something to detect cancer early from today onwards. Get involved in any way because together we can bring the change. Take more people along the way and join as a force to fight cancer and spread the messages. You too say “I am and I will” with the world.

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