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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

How to Prevent and Treat Dengue: 6 Home Remedies

Dengue doesn’t spread from people  to people. You can prevent dengue by keeping your area clean and wearing protective clothing. The dengue mosquito basically  attacks during the day and few  experts say the favorite spots are below the elbow and below the knee. They are basically active between the time period of August-October and do not breed when the temperature falls. You can prevent  the mosquito breeding habitat by removing stagnant water around your house. You can also opt for natural repellents like Lemon Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender, Neem Oil and Cinnamon Oil to protect self against mosquito bites. There are a variety of plants that have mosquito repellent properties such as  fever few, citronella, catnip and lavender. Place them surrounding  your house to keep mosquitoes away. Even herbs such as  garlic, lemongrass, basil, peppermint, rosemary may help.

6 home remedies for  prevent Dengue as follows:-

  • Tulsi leaves– Boil tulsi leaves in a cup of water and drink daily. It is a natural immunity booster.
  • Camphor with Neem oil- Burn camphor with a some drops of Neem oil. Leave the room closed for approximately 20 minutes. This will tackle the mosquito menace in your house and surrounding.
  • Natural mosquito repellent– Mix coconut oil with a few drops of Neem oil and apply it on the exposed skin. It acts as a natural mosquito repellent.
  • Giloy juice- Giloy is a excellent herb to strengthen the immune system and protect body against infections. You can boil its stem and consume it as herbal water.
  • Garlic- Garlic works brilliantly in warding off mosquitoes. Place its bulbs near open spaces like windows.
  • Neem oil- You can leave neem oil soaked cotton balls in your living space to avoid mosquitoes.
  • Clean your surroundings well- Keeping your place clean and ensuring you don’t let water stand stagnant is the good way to prevent both the diseases.