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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Humor helps our Heart

Laughing actually helps our heart. Discussing heart diseases, there is definitely some truth in the age-old expression “Laughter is the Best Medicine”. Researchers suggest that laughter may decrease the stress hormones, lower artery inflammation & raise HDL or the good cholesterol.

Laughter forces us to get better and the bonus is that the effects of it last till 24 hours. Hence we have a good reason to laugh daily. Research also shows that individuals having a heart disease are 40% less likely to laugh than the ones without it. People should have a positive outlook.

  • Helps your heart – Risk of heart diseases rises in post-menopausal depressed women. Laughter reduces stress & anxiety and can reduce inflammation of blood vessels.
  • Best for people with a short temper – In the last 4 decades studies have shown that individuals having certain personality types like those who are angry and hostile have higher risks and rates of heart disease. Hence laughter opposes anger, therefore, people had a better sense of humor could have a lower risk of heart disease.

Research backs – Laughter is good for the heart:

An additional research at the University of Maryland had examined the circulation in blood vessels in 2 groups of subjects who watched a different kind of movies. The first group watched stressful scenes of war movie and other group watched scenes from funny movie. The first group was observed to have their blood vessel lining constricted & reduced circulation whereas for the other group the vessel lining dilated & circulation increased.

Smile and laugh – That is best for you and your heart:

There was also a famous book wherein the authors concluded that watching funny movies could help people improve their heart condition. Laughter shall be prescribed as a useful practice for prevention of heart diseases. It should be considered as important as medication so that people can include it as a vital practice in their daily lives. Looking at the funny side of life & a silver lining in a tough situation is advantageous and we all should keep laughing. Laughter is good not only for heart but for the wellbeing of our entire lives.