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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

I am experiencing laziness. Should I opt for a Preventive Health Checkup?

Yes, off course! “Prevention is better than cure”. Laziness is not the only criteria for a preventive health checkup (PHC). Each year millions of people choose to skip routine examinations, allowing preventable diseases to end millions of lives.

The goals of preventive health checkup are to promote, preserve, restore health when it is impaired and to minimize suffering and distress. A successful prevention depends upon knowledge of causation, dynamics of transmission, identification of risk factors and risk groups, availability of prophylactic or early detection and treatment measures. Treating a disease in its earliest stage can be relatively easy.

Importance of a PHC :

Thanks to the advancement of modern medicine, people around the world are living much longer lives. But now the goal of medicine is not just to improve the longevity of life but its quality as well. It is very important to invest in our health today for a healthy tomorrow. Sometimes sudden accidents and illness can destroy our ambitions and seriously reduce our quality of life. The clinical and laboratory examinations performed in a checkup provide health information which can be valuable in predicting “unforeseen” health events such as heart attack, strokes, cancer and other health complications that can reduce the quality and length of our lives.

The periodic checkup also tells what we are doing wrong with our bodies. Once these unhealthy life style habits and other risk factors are identified, the check up experience can become the turning point of a drastic life style transformation and improvement.

Importance of PHC

Benefits of Preventive Health Checks:

Preventive health checkup is much more than just a simple series of clinical tests, it is a rare opportunity to learn more about our own body and gain the inspiration to improve our healthy and quality of life.

Another aspect of preventive health care is finding and treating disease as soon as possible. Some illness affects everyone eventually, but many diseases when caught early can be nipped in the bud. So, it is important to become educated and what it takes to maintain over all good health.

It is clear that preventive health care is important. We should start our own “good health” practices. There are few things that we can start immediately without any medical knowledge;

  • Don’t smoke or use other tobacco products.
  • Eat a proper balanced diet to get the correct amount of nutrients and energy daily.
  • Exercise or and walk 30 to 40 minutes daily at least five days a week.

Lastly, we may say that the preventive health checkup do not only significantly improve our long term health quality but also greatly reduces our long term health care expenses. The preventive health checkup is truly a powerful aid for us to live longer, healthier and happier lives.