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Understanding Our Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Understanding Our Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
in Critical Care

Apr 19, 2022

There is no doubt that the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of every hospital can be a grim and intimidating place. Reserved for patients that are critically ill or, as the name suggests, require intensive care, it is always best to understand exactly how the ICU of a hospital functions in order to assess its quality. If a loved one requires such care and you are trying to understand how to find ICU bed availability, this article is here to explain the details of Paras Hospital’s critical care system and the various beds available in Patna, Panchkula, Gurgaon, Udaipur, Ranchi and Dharbanga. The best ICU hospital recognises the plight of patients and calmly, methodically, and effectively provides all the care and support they need.

If you’re looking for the best ICU hospital to provide support for patients who need organ assistance, airway management, or are suffering from other such complications, Paras Hospitals has the modern technology needed to treat such cases. Equipped with 24/7 expert support, blood band services, operation theatres, and every other kind of medical support imaginable, you can get the urgent medical treatment you’re looking for. Though ICU bed charges will be dependent on the severity of the illness, the type of care required, and the extent of the stay, Paras Hospitals is still committed to providing everyone with the best possible ICU bed price to help the maximum number of lives.

To understand ICU bed availability, here are some of the ICU details according to different cities.

Patna – has ample ICU bed availability in Patna with a total of 91 ICU beds. According to different ICU needs, there are different types of beds available for ICU patients in Patna, each of which will have a different ICU bed cost according to different requirements. For example, there are 15 MICU beds for general medical patients who are critically ill, 15 SICU beds for surgery patients, 24 NICU beds for newborns, and other such allocations. Other ICU bed prices will differ according to the body part that needs care, each of which is demarcated as a different part of the ICU, including 10 CCU beds for cardiac care, 7 beds for kidney transplants, 9 beds for cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, and 6 beds for post-operative care.

Gurgaon – has the biggest ICU bed availability in Gurgaon with a total of 198 beds to take care of any patient suffering from any illness. Different categories include 4 delivery suites, 3 deluxe beds, 30 double beds, 32 four beds, 6 general day-care beds, 5 general ICU beds, 12 Neuro ICU beds, and 11 NICU beds divided across three levels. Gurugram is also equipped with 3 Onco day-care beds, 5 PICU beds, 78 singles, 2 VIP suites, and other such specific beds.

Darbhanga – has several departments, each with a highly functional and capable team, that are fully dedicated to providing the best care to patients. Dharbanga’s resources include 10 MICU beds, 8 SICU beds, 10 CCU beds, and 4 other beds for patients suffering pre or post-surgery complications with the ICU bed cost in Darbhanga varying accordingly.

Panchkula is ready to tackle COVID-19 or any other illness with a total of 63 ICU beds. This includes 13 CCU beds, 25 MICU beds, 10 SICU beds, and 15 CTVS beds. Divide across two floors, you can be sure to find an ICU bed price in Pachkula that works for you.

Udaipur, like the other cities mentioned, is the best ICU hospital with a total of 61 beds available. With 6 NICU beds, 6 CTVS beds, 11 CCU beds, 17 MICU beds, 4 HDU beds, and a 5th floor further equipped with 17 beds, there will be plenty of ICU bed availability in Udaipur for every patient.

Ranchi too is equipped with ICU bed availability and has 6 general beds and 4 NICU beds for newborn babies. Each of these two sections has one ventilator bed. Once again, ICU bed charges in Ranchi will differ and further information can be gained by contacting Paras.

Now that you know the basics of Paras Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, you can be assured that every patient is effectively cared for and every possible illness or complication can be handled by the variety of departments available and the cutting-edge technology used. Due to the fluctuating circumstances of different patients requiring different needs, you can learn more about ICU bed charges by emailing ‘contact@parashospitals.com’. To learn more about ICU bed costs at the best ICU hospital in India, click here to view other details about Paras.

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