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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Importance of Cancer Survivors Day in India

Cancer is increasing rapidly in our country today, one that seeps into every level of the social strata.  Rich or poor, educated or illiterate, nobody is immune to it.  There are almost 25 lakh people that are affected by it in our country, while the causes of this illness are only poorly understood. Every year 12 lakh men and women are diagnosed with one of the various kinds of cancer, and 8-lakh die from it. The numbers are likely to go up by at least 50 % by 2040.

This Day is for those who have faced off against this most dreaded of ailments.

A survivor is anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer and subsequently survived by treatment. We must remember that even survivors have lasting effects on their lives left by the cancer, and this can affect them and their near ones in many ways.

Cancer Survivor Day was established to recognize and celebrate efforts of those who have battled cancer and won, and to help bring hope to those still battling this terrible disease. While the numbers shown above sound terrible, there is plenty of hope, as there are lakhs of people who have beaten this illness in our country and risen again to live full happy and normal lives.

Word cancer hangs over the minds and hearts of most people as a death sentence, and the reaction ininforming someone you know has it is extreme. But both those suffering from Cancer and their families need to know that it is far from extreme helpless. Treatment is getting more effective, and we should all get together to help the Cancer patient and their families make it through this long and hard journey that is treatment and recovery. Now days many cancers are curable and one can live a normal life after cure.

This is a day of celebration for all cancer survivors and their friends and families and a day to raise awareness of cancer and how it affects lives.The event is also a hope for the newly diagnosed, support for affected families and outreach in the community.If you know a Cancer Survivor, take some time today to congratulate them on surviving and bring them to meet those who are being treated for cancer tobring hope to these cancer sufferers