Is It Safe to Get Vaccinations During Pregnancy?

Vaccines are important for preventing numerous diseases. It is also important that one is well protected against all the types of diseases when embarking on a journey of motherhood. Although there are no specific restrictions on any vaccination, however, the type of the same can be of some concern. It is best recommended that before you opt for any vaccination, you discuss the same with your doctor.

Reasons for opting for vaccinations:

Vaccines help protect you and your baby against serious diseases:

You probably know that when you are pregnant, you share everything with your baby. That means when you get vaccines, you aren’t just protecting yourself, you are giving your baby some early protection too. CDC recommends you get a whooping cough and flu vaccine during each pregnancy to help protect yourself and your baby.

Vaccines can help protect both you and your baby from vaccine-preventable diseases. During pregnancy, vaccinated mothers pass on protective antibodies infection-fighting molecules to their babies before they are born. This provides some immunity against certain vaccine-preventable diseases during the first few months of life when your baby is still too young to be vaccinated. It also helps provide important protection for you throughout your pregnancy.

Vaccines for Pregnant Women Are Safe:

 All the killed vaccines like hepatitis, influenza, Tetanus etc can be safely taken during pregnancy.

  • Strong record of safety.Both vaccines have been carefully monitored for years and are safe for pregnant women and their babies.
  • Mild side effects.Vaccines, like any medication, can have side effects.  However, these side effects are usually mild and go away on their own. Reported side effects include soreness, redness, or swelling at the injection site, muscle aches, fatigue, or fever. These side effects are seen in many people, not just pregnant women.
  • Live vaccines like rubella, mumps, yellow fever etc should not be taken during pregnancy are still debate and should not be taken.