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Is suicide related to impulsiveness?

Suicide cannot be just defined as an impulsive reaction. It can be the result of numerous circumstances, instances and the cumulative effect on the psyche of the person. The human mind is unique and each person has his own way of thinking and analyzing aspects. Hence suicide for some may be associated with impulsiveness while for some may be calculated choice.

Impulsiveness and Suicide:

The impulsivity discussed only refers to characteristics about way of suicide attempts. Therefore impulsive attempter does not mean that the suicide attempters were more impulsive than others but rather that their attempted acts were more impulsive. Impulsivity is a frequently misunderstood aspect of suicide risk and has long been considered important to the etiology and prediction of suicide. In particular, impulsivity is highlighted for its role in facilitating suicidal actions among those with suicidal ideation.

Similarly, impulsivity may actually be a more significant indicator of suicide attempt than the presence of a specific suicide plan. Impulsivity has been adopted as a risk factor or a warning sign for suicide. However, some suicides are the result of extensive planning and conviction. One myth, is that suicide isn’t impulsive, and people will simply resort to other methods if some lethal means like guns aren’t available to them. In a person who is likely to engage in suicidal behavior, that moment can happen very quickly. It can happen within five minutes of deciding to attempt, or an hour, or three hours, or 10 hours. But when they’re thinking more healthily, people know there are other options, or they might have to learn through treatment to come up with other options.

Know the signs and talk to people:

Please be aware of the signs and symptoms of suicide. If you meet anyone displaying the same, please talk to them and urge them to take professional assistance. These steps can save a person’s life. If the person is resistant to your requests, report the same to an authority or to their family and elders. Taking some action is more constructive.