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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Is Vitiligo curable?

Vitiligo can affect people of any age, gender, or ethnicity. There is no cure and it is basically a lifelong condition. The exact reason is unknown but it may be due to an autoimmune disorder or a virus. Treatment options may include exposure to UVA or UVB light and depigmentation of the skin in severe cases.

There is no known cure for vitiligo, but treatment may improve your skin’s appearance by restoring its colour. However, the effects of treatment are not basically permanent and it cannot always control the spread of the condition. There is no “cure” for vitiligo. Sometimes patches go away on their own. But when that doesn’t happen, doctors can mention treatments that might help even out skin tone. Vitiligo can occur due to destruction of colour forming cells of our skin i.e. melanocytes. There are several reasons responsible for the same which are not in control of an individual like genetics. Vitiligo can be focused as well as segmented where pigmentation can be in all lesions. But chances of recurrence are there. Every patient is different so is her/his treatment which is based on age, type of vitiligo and severity of disease spread. Some treatments can be tried at home however majorly it is recommended to consult a Doctor for medical treatments available. No vitiligo treatment is likely to be 100% effective at making the spots disappear altogether.