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Keeping Your Vagina Healthy

There are Five Ways to Keep Your Vagina Healthy are as follows:

1. Don’t douche

Just, don’t do it, ladies. It can create an imbalance of your body’s natural bacteria and can end up causing an infection. When washing, all you need is good old soap and water, on the outside of your body only!

Because your vagina is self-cleaning, you don’t need to douche or use any scented products to interrupt your natural flow.

2. Avoid chemicals for removing pubic hair 

Pubic hair serves many purposes. A chemical excoriates the soft tissue of female pubis and invites bacterial growth infection. Trimming and clipping of pubic hair are better than using chemicals.

3. Check your lube ingredients

Lubrication is amazing. It can take sex to the next level for everyone involved. Still, there are some ingredients that aren’t very healthy for your body.

Glycerin, for one, is related to sugar. While it works great to keep lubes moist, it can also contribute to bacteria growth in the vagina. Petroleum products are also no-nos because they can ruin the vagina’s natural pH level.

4. Practice safer sex

One of the best and easiest things you can do for vaginal health is practice safer sex. Here are a few tips for staying safe:

  • Use protection. Use a condom for vagina protection.
  • Get tested regularly for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). You should get tested after any partners you exchange genital fluids with.
  • Mind the order of your sex acts.Going from butt play to vaginal play can increase the likelihood that you’ll get an infection, such as those painful urinary tract infections (UTIs). If anal is your thing, make sure you do it after vaginal sex, not before. Anal sex should be avoided.

5. Wear breathable clothing

Breathable clothing and soft fabrics make happy vaginas. Cotton underwear is great. It has moisture-wicking properties to limit the amount of wetness that can promote bacterial growth. Changing out of wet clothing quickly can help limit issues, as well. Underwears should be changed daily.