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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Kidney Failure- Do I need a Transplant

Kidney failure is a condition characterized by loss of kidney function and survival is not possible without some external support.Support includes either dialysis or kidney transplant. Most of the patients of kidney failure in India are on dialysis.

Dialysis can be of two types – Haemodialysis or  Peritoneal Dialysis. But the most effective treatment for kidney failure is Kidney Transplant. Kidney transplant is the outcome of great medical advancement in medical science. Successful kidney transplant is the best treatment option for end stage renal disease. Life after kidney transplantation is almost normal.

Kidney Transplant

What is a Kidney Transplant?

Kidney transplantation is a surgical procedure in which healthy kidneys from either a living donor or cadaveric donor is placed into the body of  a person suffering from kidney disease.

So,when kidneys  are so much affected, that life survival is not possible, a replacement of the kidney’s through kidney transplantation is recommended. So question arises what are the benefits of kidney transplantation :-

  • Total recovery a better quality of life.The patient lives almost normal life style with more energy,stamina & productivity.
  • Freedom from Dialysis.
  • Longer Life.
  • Leaser dietary and fluid restriction.
  • Fewer complications with a transplant.


What are the hindrances of Kidney Transplant?

There are a number of reasons due to which not all patients are able to go through a kidney transplant. The various reasons are:

  • Unavailability of donors
  • Unwillingness to donate
  • Religious reasons
  • Lack of awareness

We need create awareness  in the society about  renal transplantation. We need to educate the public that the donor  is absolutely safe during and after transplantation. It should also be noted that for a doctor a donor’s safety is of primary concern. One kidney is enough to take care of our body.Hence donating other kidney for a needy one will do no harm to you.