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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Kill Fear Before it Kills You

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, India has gone in a 3 week lock down period. Uncertainty and fear is looming around us, dominating our every action. Adversity can bring about either best or worst amongst us, there is no middle path. Sadly as we read news of people escaping from quarantine or for that matter hoarding essential commodities or not following govt orders, it seems latter is prevailing.

34People are panicking as if it is the end of world. Much of this can be attributed to rumour mills which are having a free run on social media. However just ponder for a minute, is this the first time humanity has faced a crisis, No. Throughout history of mankind we have faced obstacles and thrived. Humanity has survived numerous pandemics, famines, floods and wars and still progressed in science, arts, culture, almost everything. People have lived in fear but with dignity. We should not let fear get better of us, as it will decrease our immunity to fight infection.


The worst thing that we as a human being can imagine is a future where we are alone. Like various other diseases if loneliness is left untreated it can adversely affect a person’s life. During this period of isolation we should remember that this feeling of loneliness is not pathology, it is just an external signal from our body. So, if you are isolated at home, we can take following measures to cope up with this feeling:

  • Follow only authentic govt websites for information.
  • Follow a routine
  • Do morning exercise
  • Limit social media interaction
  • Bond with family
  • Use this isolation to channel creativity in you

If fear seems overpowering, call a friend or go through photo gallery of your smart phone. Old happy memories are reassuring. Detach fear from yourself and see it as a teacher guiding you towards your goals and focus on essential without distractions.

This may be only chance that we are given, to pause from routine, to plan for a long cherished dream and to create a legacy, for after all nobody lives forever. To end with lines of famous poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan ‘Hai Andheri Raat par, Diya Jalana kab mana hai.’