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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Knee pain in children: Causes

Growth years in children bring along knee and leg pains in children. These pains are muscle aches in the thighs, back muscles of leg, knees and calves. Other possible causes of leg pain that may be more serious can conclude  juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), lupus, Lyme disease, and leukemia. A condition called adolescent anterior knee pain commonly occurs in several healthy young athletes especially girls. Adolescent anterior knee pain is not basically caused by a physical abnormality in the knee, but by overuse or regular training that does not include ample  stretching or strengthening exercises.

Growing pains most often happen during child’s preschool and preteen years, and they basically  invisible by their teenage years. These pains are harmless and are not a sign of a major condition. Growing pains may simply be aches that output  from children running, jumping, and climbing while playing, during the day. Growing pains may also be linked  to other factors, such as fatigue, restless leg syndrome, low pain tolerance or even vitamin D deficiency.

Symptoms which distinguish growing pains may include:

  • They occur in the evening or night and typically gets recovered by morning
  • They can vary from being mild to severe, typically affecting a child’s night sleep
  • They basically affect both legs rather than one
  • They happen intermittently or several nights in a row
  • They are often accompanied by headaches or abdominal pain