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What is Knee Replacement and its Myths & Facts

What is Knee Replacement and its Myths & Facts
in Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement

Apr 19, 2022

Success rates and quality of life improvement for knee replacement patients are reliably very high. Nine out of 10 knee replacement patients experience an immediate relief from knee pain, and 95% report they are satisfied with their procedure.

This is been possible because of Advancement in surgical techniques and newer implants. Despite the fact that the surgery can be a good treatment option, many people have misconceptions regarding it, preventing them from exploring this thoroughly. There are various myths about knee replacement. Let’s discuss one by one:-

Myth 1: The success rate of the surgery is very low.

Fact:- People who undergo this surgery are able to perform their daily activities comfortably and without pain. As mentioned earlier success rate is more than 95% in expert hands.

Myth 2: Knee replacement surgery does not last for more than few years.

Fact:- It is a myth, the fact is that knee replacement lasts for more than 15 to 20 years and even for whole life. This is because of the improved quality of implants and advanced techniques.

Myth 3: It is not possible to undergo surgery after the age of 60 years.

Fact:- Actually knee replacement is usually performed in geriatric patients. Usually, we do not offer this surgery in the younger population.

Myth 4: Bending of the knee or sitting on the floor is difficult even after the replacement surgery.

Fact:- Everyone has a misconception that it is difficult to bend the knee after the replacement, but it is not true. The fact is that it depends mainly on the quality of the surgery, the prosthesis used and post-operative rehabilitation. Many types of prosthesis allow the same range of movements as a normal joint.

Myth5: I should continue with medications as long as possible and avoid knee replacement surgery.

Fact:- Medicines including painkillers just give symptomatic relief for a temporary duration and prolonged usage can lead to serious side effects such as renal failure, peptic ulceration etc. That means your knees are not going to be better but your kidney is going to fail. People with advanced arthritis definitely require surgery and cannot be cured by medicines.

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