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Laughing it up for quality of Life

Today’s life is full of stress. Be it due to work pressure, relationships or fast paced lifestyles. In times of increased everyday stress we push aside the “ME” time that is necessary for our mind and bodies to recharge. Instead we become more stressed, unhappy, tired and this vicious cycle continues. There are so many factors that can negatively affect us, but key is to focus on those things that can actually improve the quality of our lives. Along with exercise, eating healthy and getting good sleep, a simple antidote that is often overlooked is to laugh frequently.

Laughing releases endorphins, the body’s “feel good” chemicals, those when released makes us happy and even reduce perception of pain. Laughter also increases immune cells, improving body’s resistance to disease. It adds joy to life, it also decreases anxiety. A good strong laugh help to relieve physical tension, leaving the muscles relaxed.

Laughing is a natural part of life. As infants, we started smiling within first few months of life. But unfortunately as we get older and life gets more serious, ability to laugh can sometimes get diminished. But it is never too late to learn to laugh by putting a little extra effort and work towards your physical health and mental well-being.

We can start our day with a smile. Smiling, whether to family, friends, co-workers, cab drivers, or even strangers on the street, sends a positive message and makes you feel better too. Smile and laughter are contagious because when we see someone else happy, we become happy too.

You can increase your laughter quota by searching out things that makes you happy. Play with a small child or a family pet. Watch a funny movie or a TV program, read comics.Send funny jokes or memes to friends. Look through old memories like pictures and yearbooks. Write a list of things that you are thankful in your life.By creating more opportunities for laughter and smiling in your life you will begin to flourish as a person, a friend, and a professional.