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Lifestyle changes to reduce risk of Asthma Attack

Asthma is a reversible obstructive lung disease resulting from hyper-reactivity of airways to variety of external stimuli. It manifests as recurrent cough and breathlessness. The prevalence and severity of childhood asthma has increased substantially in recent years, more so in urban area. It is one of leading causes for emergency care need for children, leading to missed school and significant childhood morbidity

Reasons for developing Asthma:

  • Familial/genetic role for etiology of asthma is well established. Atopy is strongest factor for development of asthma.
  • The most common environmental trigger are cigarette smoking, pollutant from industry and farm related activities , animal proteins, pet related biological matter, dust mite , pollens, moulds etc.

Managing Asthma & Preventing Asthmatic Attacks:

Good control of asthma involves identification and management of these factors through lifestyle changes.These are –

Keep indoor air clean

  • Not allow any one smoking indoor.
  • Proper maintenance of AC and heating system.
  • Use of air cleaner with high efficiency air (HEPA) filters if possible.
  • Discourage wood burning and kerosene stoves use indoor.

Maintain proper humidity 

  • Repair moisture prone area and seal water leaks in your home.
  • Encourage use of AC and set it at lower level to control dust mite and moulds.

Reduction  of pet danger:

  • Removing of the pets is the best option.
  • If not than regular washing of pets, regular vacuuming with HEPA filters and use of double thickens   bag vacuum should be encouraged to reduce danders.
  • Removing carpet and upholstend furniture and wiping down wall along reduces pet allergen(may take >6 month time).

Reduction of dust to minimum:

  • Encash pillow, mattres , and boxspring(Divan) in dust proof covers.
  • Dust should be removed from covers and sheets by vacuuming every week.
  • Sheets/matress pad should be washed in hot water ( >55C)
  • Keep the article out of child room that collects dust like books ,drapes,toys.

Reduction of pollen exposure:

  • Restrict camping, hiking and leaf raking in high pollen season.
  • Keep window closed and use AC if possiblein both in house as well as while travelling .
  • Frequent hand washing specially after playing to be encouraged.
  • Showering and shampooing are advised to avoid contamination of bed with pollens and dust.

Encourage physical activity:

  • Regular exercise and yoga helps in conditioning the lungs to work more efficiently .
  • Exercise should only be restricted during acute excerbation and in case of exercise induced asthma child must follow instructions given by doctor.

Reduction of Weight:

  • Help your child to maintain healthy weight as overweight can worsens asthma.

Control Of GERD:

  • Feed your child in head up position and keep baby on bed with head end of bed up to prevent reflux.Take medication forGERD as advised by doctor.