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Liposuction may not help you lose weight completely

Liposuction may not help you lose weight completely
in Bariatric Surgery

Apr 19, 2022

Liposuction may assist us to shrink our girth, however, not the health relevant risks of obesity like heart diseases, high blood pressure & diabetes. To improve our health we require shedding weight in a conventional way. i.e. reducing calories with the help of exercise and diet.


After separating excess belly fat through liposuction in 15 obese women some researchers found that sudden loss of weight made no improvements in health-relevant risk factors linked to obesity like insulin sensitivity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure & other blood fats.They said that they removed a lot of fat (20% of total body fat) so they were a bit surprised. Yet, the removed fat made no improvement in any risk factors linked to obesity; those that raise the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Hence there is a strong possibility that due to the bad lifestyle habits you may end up putting on the lost pounds.

Conventional Way of Losing Weight is Best:

Losing weight through dieting increases metabolism: Researcher said that if these patients would have lost such weight by dieting, they would have anticipated marked improvement. Even the loss of little fat by dieting than what they removed with liposuction, leads to marked metabolic benefits.

Your fat cells decrease by exercising: One possible explanation could be that when we lose weight with exercise or dieting, we shrink the size of fat cells. This improves the metabolic profile, whereas, with liposuction number of fat cells are removed but we do not shrink the size of remaining fat cells. As dieting leads to fewer calories, it shrinks the fats cells on daily basis. We require achieving negative energy balance, burning more of the calories than what we consume, for achieving the health benefits of loss of weight.

During liposuction removal of fats takes place from beneath the skin of the abdomen or the other areas. However, earlier studies indicated that excessive fat which surrounds the internal organs is most likely to raise the risk of obesity relevant health problems.

Lessons learned from animals

Past research on some animals indicates that surgical removal of visceral fat yielding lead to immediate improvement in the insulin resistance. However, surgical removal of subcutaneous fat leads to little impact in the animal studies.

Hence it is best that you opt for the healthier and longer route of eating healthy and exercising.

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