So, you’ve been having pains and joint stiffness for months, you’ve finally been diagnosed with arthritis and it hurts like hell whenever you try to do anything . No wonder you’re not in the best of moods. Life seems pretty hopeless, things are only going to get worse and you’re going to have more and more trouble in managing even the simplest of everyday tasks . . . . what can you do about it?


 Living With Arthritis – Do’s

  •  Lifestyle changes may be necessary for a start. If you’re overweight that can have a big impact on your arthritis pain so you need to seriously think about losing a few pounds. Don’t go on a diet, but make small lifestyle changes, step by step for gradual weight loss. If you’re a smoker you’d better kick the habit, it can actually make the pain of arthritis even worse.
  •  Behavioural therapy can help to break the spiral of self defeating thoughts and actions which drag you down, a combination of talking and modifying behaviour can make a real difference.
  •  Writing it down can help, a sort of journalistic self help therapy. Releasing your emotions onto a page can actually decrease your arthritis pain.
  •  Acupuncture can be used as a successful method of pain relief for some people who suffer with arthritis, so it might just be worth a shot.

 Living With Arthritis –  Don’ts

  • Don’t smoke. I know we’ve already mentioned this in the lifestyle changes, but if you smoke . . . stop it. You might be under the illusion that smoking is helping you to cope with the pain of arthritis but it really is highly counterproductive, in reality it makes the pain is worse.
  • Don’t be negative. I know it might be difficult to get your head around at first, but the more you dwell on your problems the worse the pain will become. Focus on a positive attitude using therapies like distraction or using only calming statements.

It is best that you don’t feel negative and demoralised about the pain and the medication. You need to be like a fighter, always motivated and ready to battle all aspects. Consult a joint pain specialist or a sports injury specialist, as per your need and get your life back on track.