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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

How long does it take to recover from knee replacement surgery?

Today medical advancements have helped us use a multimodal approach, ensuring that the patient does not feel any pain during surgery or in post operative period and has a smooth recovery.

Alternative therapies such as acupressure, ozone treatment, massage beds, oil, laser therapy, magnetic therapy; braces help in curing advanced arthritis and knee pain.

However it is important to understand that there is no alternative to Knee replacement in advanced disease. Trying conservative modalities may obviously delay the surgery for some time, but cannot avoid it.

Several rheumatoid patients require knee replacement at a relatively younger age. Age is not a bar for surgery as long as patient’s general condition allows.

After a knee replacement, it takes months to recover.

  • After 24- 48 hours of surgery, we allow the patients to start walking and knee bending. Toilet training is started in 2-3 days.
  • Patient needs to use walker for 3-4 weeks.
    At around 4 weeks patients can participate in outdoor social activities. Ladies can enter kitchen and start making food as early as 4 weeks from the surgery. Majority of patients can resume their Job at 8 weeks.
    If the surgery fails or a problem arises with impant post surgery, there is no chance to repair again.
  • If the surgery fails, then your doctor may perform a second surgery called as revision surgery after evaluating the reasons for the first surgery and also consider the overall health.
    Physiotherapy is necessary post total knee replacement surgery and the recovery is very slow.
  • You may not need physiotherapist since the surgery team will teach all exercises during your stay in the hospital and you have to do them after the discharge. Most of the patients we can walk without any support after four weeks of surgery.
  • It is not possible to drive after knee replacement.
    Driving is easier after surgery. Most patients can start driving within six-eight weeks of the surgery.