Meditation: Stress Management Remedy,Be a Master of your life

Is Meditation really a remedy for handling stress? Yes! It does help to take charge of our life. Meditation is nothing to do with any religion. Since Ayurveda is an ancient medical practice and our scriptures suggest complete balance of mind, body and soul, people usually associate it with a way of offering prayers.
Well in all religions, spirituality is more than just knowing about self and focusing on self-improvement in order to uplift the society well-being.

Meditation to Reduce Stress in Life
According to Hindu mythology manh: (Man or Mind) has been considered above all five senses, viz- eye, ear, nose, mouth and skin. Most of the time people battle with their mind, their internal conflict is based on their perception, analysis, interpretation, evaluation and feelings and preconditioning.
Meditation is all about the right breathing pattern for better focus, attention, concentration, calmness and peace. Recent studies have shown significant positive change in brain structure of a long term meditation practitioner. The structural differences observed have led the scientists to speculate that certain benefits, like improved cognitive, emotional, and immune responses, can be tied to this growth and its positive effects on breathing and heart rate (cardiorespiratory control).
Islam also supports meditation which is known as Salat; a way to concentrate and connect with God. Meditations help relieve mental fatigue. The primary stage of almost all meditations involves a practice of driving all thoughts away. Coupled with straight-back postures and breathing exercises it aims at providing rest to the mind by keeping the thoughts away.
Meditation has lot many health benefits other than stress management. Through meditation we learn controlling thoughts by controlling and witnessing breathing pattern. Healthy mind helps to make better choices which is advantageous as a whole.
To get maximum benefits of meditation, it advised by lot many yoga teachers to follow a set routine and in Geeta Lord Krishna also addressed the same
Stay on schedule: it’s all about balance
Naatyashratastu yogoasti na chaitkantmanhshrt:
N chati Swapansheelasya jagrato naiv charjun
Anyone who eats much or very little, sleeps very much or very little, yoga and meditation does not prove good results. To attain a level to attain mental peace one should follow a balanced life style. We have to understand that we all have 24 hours in a day, and it’s our primary responsible to take charge of our life.

Meditation just before sleeping also helps the mind to get relaxed and sleep better. When we follow this routine religiously the whole family benefits. They also learn by example and can lead a happy and contended life.