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Natural Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

Natural Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer
in Oncology

Apr 19, 2022

Cancer may be the 2nd leading region  of death in women, but it’s often the fear. And while lung cancer kills several  women than breast cancer by about 50%, the more risk of developing breast cancer is 2.5 times more likely. Vitamin D, green tea, pomegranate, curcumin, and soy may help promote breast health and reduce breast cancer risk.

1.Eat More Plants and Less Meat– More specifically eat several  brightly colored vegetables and fruits. Plant pigments known flavonoids have anticancer properties, and people who consume several  of them seem to enjoy a reduced risk of breast cancer. Foods containing flavonols and flavones include onions, broccoli, eggplant, celery, lettuce, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, apples, oranges, melons, black tea, coffee, chamomile tea, and many aromatic herbs.

2.Exercise regular– Physical inactivity contributes to 9 percent of breast cancer cases. People who are more physically active have a less risk of breast cancer, as well as other cancers and diseases like  as heart disease and osteoporosis.

3.Lose Body Fat Especially After Menopause– One way physical activity may secure against breast cancer is by reducing body fat, which is itself a risk factor for breast cancer and body fat tends to creep up after menopause.

4.Chill on the Cocktails– Drinking alcohol is tightly linked with breast cancer, and the several you drink, the greater your risk. Overall, imbibers face a 28 percent greater risk of breast cancer.

5.Quit Smoking– Tobacco has long been relation  to a lots  of cancers it  including breast cancer. Women smokers faced a much greater risk of breast cancer