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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Nurses – An Asset of the Hospital - Salute Of Woman Power

National Nurses week starts from 6 th – 12 th May ending on Florence Nightingale’s birthday. It is that time of year when medical institutions join together to celebrate the work of nurses. Nurses are the backbone of medical care and they spend more time with patients than doctors. They administer the treatment advised by the doctors and monitor progress. They provide great emotional support to the patient. They work long shifts and sacrifice their holidays for patient care. Needless to say they are anasset to any healthcare organization.

Starting from Florence Nightingale who established nursing as a profession nursing has been a female dominated area. The term itself is derived from women’s rate as mothers and nurturers. Out of every 10 registered nurses 9 are females, in our hospital.

Day in and Day out the compassion and kindness provided to their patients is in measurable.

We are honored to salute nursing as a profession and hence by the sheer number of women in it , to women power.

honor to nurses

What you can do to honor nurses?

Show it: A small gesture like a thank you or an appreciation is enough to motivate a nurse. Due to your appreciation she will be motivated.

Give a gift: Give a nurse a small gift to show that you appreciate her efforts. A flower, a chocolate, a token of gratitude, to show that their contributions are appreciated.

Respect them: Respect nurses. You may be sick and might be venting out your frustration on them, but you need to understand that they play a major role in your journey to recovery. Respect them and honor their presence.

Ensure that other do too: You might show your gratitude any way, but make sure that the feeling of positivity and respect for nurses spreads to others too. Tell your friends, relatives and well wishers to also join you.