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Nutrition Supplements - Are They Right?

Yes, Nutrition supplements are right to meet the nutritional deficiency in an individual. It should be taken under the supervision of a Physician/Dietician.

Nutrition supplement is a scientific formula that  has the capability to perform a physiological role to provide the nutritional requirement. It may be a food or part of food containing health promoting ingredients from plants, animal or microbes, minerals, vitamins and prebiotics or probiotics. The purpose of nutrition supplements is to supplement the normal diet with beneficial physiological/nutritional effects. These supplements may be either in the form of conventional food or conventional form, such as capsule, powder, soft gel, tablet or liquid.

Nutrition Supplements

Nutrition supplements are specially processed or formulated to satisfy particular nutritional requirements that exist because of a particular physical or physiological condition or specific diseases and metabolic disorders.
Nutrition supplements are ingredients intended to supplement the diet but they are not an integral part of the regular meal. They may provide therapeutic support to boost health and energy. They provide known benefits. The consumer should be able to understand, differentiate and make choices with involvement of health professionals. These supplements are sometimes incorporated in food preparations, such as cream, wafers, biscuits, beverages, etc. They are easily and commercially available and can be purchased without prescription but in my view, it should be taken as per suggestion of Physician/Dietician.

Why Nutritional supplements?

  • To improve the nutritional quality of the diet
  • To reduce the deficiency of a particular nutrient
  • To improve the utilization of another nutrient
  • To improve the energy level and stamina
  • To improve sports performance
  • To reduce the risk of several diseases
  • To have preventive or curing effect for certain diseases and disorders.
  • To gain extra health benefits

Side effects of Nutrition supplements:-

The  use of protein supplements is very common. It is not really required to build muscles because the same is usually through muscular workouts. Protein intake from nutritional supplements instead of food sources are not advisable for women of child bearing age, pregnant and lactating mothers, infants, children, adolescents and elders. Excessive use of protein supplements may increase the load on the kidney and increase the risk of kidney disease. Excessive dose of calcium supplements may increase the risk of hypercalcemia, calcification of soft tissues, impaired kidney functions, etc. Similarly, excessive uses of other nutrients have also different kinds of side effects and may damage vital organs.

Cautions points if you are using Nutrition supplements:-

  • They should be used only when required and under guidance of Physician/Dietician
  • They should not be used as meal replacement
  • Read the label and available literature before use for usage, dose and storage
  • Proper storage is required otherwise storage conditions may affect the potency of nutrition supplements