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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

What are the Nutritional Needs of a Woman During Pregnancy?

A woman’s body goes through many physical as well as hormonal changes during pregnancy. The way they nourish their bodies during this time will affect their health and the baby’s. They have to eat a healthful, balanced diet to ensure good health throughout the pregnancy. The food eaten by a woman is the baby’s main source of nourishment and their proper nutrition plays a major role in promoting the baby’s growth and development.

Nutritional Needs During Pregnancy

The experienced gynecologists at Paras Hospitals in Gurgaon suggests that a pregnant woman has to make choices that limit the calories from the added sugars as well as saturated fats, which are found in foods like soft drinks, desserts, fried foods, cheese, whole milk, and fatty meats. The doctors usually recommend vegetable oils in the place of butter, and oil based sauces as well as dips instead of ones with butter, cream, or cheese. Water is better than consuming the sugary drinks.

The doctors say that vitamin and mineral supplements cannot replace a healthy diet, therefore they recommend that a pregnant woman can take such supplements every day in addition to a healthy diet. The supplements ensure that the woman and the baby get enough important nutrients. But they should not be over consumed as they can be harmful for the woman and the baby.

It is always advised to quit drinking alcohol and even moderate drinking during the pregnancy can result in behavioral or developmental problems for the baby. The doctors also prohibit heavy drinking during pregnancy as it can cause serious problems for the baby, which mainly include malformation and developmental delays.