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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Oral Health -Top Tips for Beautiful Teeth and Gums

Oral health is an essential component of one’s health. It is important to ensure that the dental hygiene is maintained. Teeth and one’s smile are an integral part of a person’s personality. Any issue in your teeth can create a bad impression in front of others.

Ways to maintain your dental hygiene:

Brush twice a day and floss daily. 

As wonderful as brushing regularly is, it is not holistic in its responsibility to clean your teeth. Brushing can clean the surface of the teeth, but it cannot do the same for the spaces in between teeth.

  • Toothbrushes should be changed an average 4 months a year.
  • Teenagers with braces may need to use special toothbrushes and other oral hygiene tools to brush their teeth. Interdental toothbrush/dental floss.
  • Older people with arthritis or other problems may have trouble holding a toothbrush or using floss. Some people find it easier to use an electric toothbrush. For such patient now a day’s available powered toothbrush.

Foods can stain or brighten teeth

There’s speculation that strawberries may have natural teeth-whitening properties, but that has yet to be proven. It’s always best to brush thoroughly after eating teeth-staining food like blueberries, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. To help minimize discoloration, brush, and then munch on apples, pears, carrots or celery, all of which trigger saliva, which helps keep your teeth bright.

Take care of your tongue

Tackle bad breath every time you brush by taking time to brush or scrape your tongue too. Your tongue plays host to the bacteria that help cause bad breath, so giving it a scrub, or using a tongue scraper daily, it can help reduce odor-causing compounds. Some brushes have a tongue cleaner on the reverse side of the head.

Medication can cause dry mouth

Your mouth needs saliva to stay healthy, but many medications, such as antidepressants, high blood pressure medication and antihistamines can dry up saliva. Medication is the most common cause of dry mouth.

Leave a little fluoride in your mouth before bedtime

For many people, it may not be ideal to carry toothpaste residue in their mouth the whole day. Allow the fluoride sit on the surface of the teeth by not rinsing off the paste with water after brushing.