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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Penis Health

Erection of penis is dependent on pumping of blood in the penis. This is a complex mechanism with various organs taking part in it. Stimulus starts from brain and is transmitted through nerves leading to secretion of hormones to pump blood to penis through blood vessels. So various diseases of brain, heart, blood vessels, hormones, nerves and local tissues may lead to insufficient pressure of blood in penis leading to erectile dysfunction. . Various drugs and some surgeries may lead to erectile dysfunctions. Your doctor will take your medical history, do physical examinations and may give you some medicines to cure these problems. Sometimes surgical procedures like penile prosthesis may be required.

Tips for Penis Health

There are few tips which you can do yourself to maintain good penile health:

  • Maintain local hygiene: Clean your penis after retracting skin everyday
  • Avoid unprotected sex and multiple sexual partners
  • Keep control over Diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Adequate sleep of at least 7 hours
  • Regular exercises and yoga
  • Avoid stress
  • No smoking as this is one of the leading cause of erectile dysfunction
  • Limit alcohol intake as it decrease male hormone levels
  • Balanced healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Plenty of liquids
  • Avoid risky sexual positions
  • Prompt medical advice if any growth, bleeding, infection over penis or urethral discharge
  • Discuss your myths about masturbation and night time ejaculations with your doctor
  • Performance anxiety and unrealistic sexual expectations are the leading cause of erectile dysfunction.
  • Take help of doctor in case of any doubt and write all your questions before meeting him. Google search may give to undue apprehensions
  • Take regular breaks from work to maintain vigour and enthusiasm
  • Watch for signs of male menopause as after 40 years level of testosterone starts falling. The symptoms are reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle mass, increased fat accumulation, low bone mass, low energy level, fatigue and depression. Low testosterone leads to lower libido and trouble in getting or maintaining erection. Other warning signs are breast enlargement, hot flashes, decreased motivation, decreased self-confidence and reduced body hair. Life style changes and hormone replacement can cure this problem.

Please note that if you are suffering from any sexual health issue, it is best that you consult a specialist. In numerous cases the reasons are psychological or hormonal and the same can be addressed through counselling and light medications. Please be open to discussing your issues with specialists. Ignoring or hiding your issues can have an adverse effect on your relationships, behavior and mental health.