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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Prevention from Dengue

Avoiding the mosquito bites may prevent dengue fever.  Anybody living in or traveling to a location that at a risk of dengue can use several ways to avoid mosquito bites.

Clothing– Lower the amount of exposed skin by wearing long sleeved shirts, long pants, socks, pant legs tucked into socks or shoes & by wearing hat.

Mosquito repellents– Use of repellent with at least a 10% concentration of diethyltoluamide or DEET, or higher concentration for longer exposures. We shall avoid DEET for young children.

Mosquito nets and traps– Nets treated with some insecticide are more effective, else the mosquitoes could bite through the net when an individual is standing beside it. Insecticide would kill the mosquitoes & other insects and it can repel the insects from entering into the room.

Door & window screens– The structural barriers like netting or screens may keep the mosquitoes out.

Avoid heavy scents– Heavily scented perfumes and soaps can attract mosquitos.

Stagnant water– The Aedes mosquitos breed in clean and stagnant water. Check & remove any stagnant water to lower the risk

Timing– We shall try to avoid going out at dawn, early evening and dusk.

To lower the risk of mosquito breeding in stagnant water:-

  • Turn buckets & cans over & store them beneath a shelter so that water cant accumulate
  • Remove any excess water from the plant pot plates
  • Loosen the soil from potted plants for prevention of puddle formation on the surface
  • Scrub the containers for removal of mosquito eggs
  • Ensure that the scupper drains aren’t blocked & do not place the potted plants & other objects on them
  • Don’t place the receptacles under the air-conditioning unit
  • Use the non-perforated gully traps and install anti-mosquito valves & cover the traps which are used rarely
  • Change the water in the flower vases on alternate days & scrub & rinse the internal area of it
  • Prevent the leaves from blocking anything which can lead to accumulation of stagnant water or puddles.