Preventive Health Check Screening For Obese People

Today obesity is a major issue that every individual ends up facing. Middle ages women and men are the most susceptible to it. The Indian food and, posture and body make up makes the abdominal area susceptible to fat deposition. The following are few frequently asked questions that will help you access if you are obese and choose the best suited treatment option for you. Please note that before you start a crash diet, opt for liposuction or make up your mind for a bariatric surgery, you should always consult the triad – an endocrinologist- to check your hormones,  a nutrition expert- to help you with your diet plan and last a bariatric surgeon – to make you understand if the surgery will help you.

Preventive Health Check Screening

Q1) Who are Obese?

People with a BMI (weight in kgs/height in m2) of more than 25-30.

Q2) Why is keeping a check on obesity important?


  • It affects a very large number of people like an epidemic
  • It affects people mostly during the active phase of life, 30 – 60 year’s age group.
  • It affects all the organs of the body from Head to Toe.
  • It disrupts the metabolism ( Internal function of the body) of the body, leading to diabetes , hypertension , high cholesterol, fatty liver, impotence , infertility  reduced immune function – infections, increased arteriosclerosis (narrow of arteries), a procoagulant state (leading to clotting of blood in veins) a pro-inflammatory state, heart – lungs , kidney dysfunction, (nephrotic syndrome of obesity), several times increased incidence of cancer of breast, uterus, pre-depression, suicidal tendencies, brain –intracranial malfunction leading to headaches, stroke, sudden blindness.
  • It disrupts the structure and function of weight-bearing joints with accelerated degenerative osteoarthritis leading to knee, hip and spinal joint problems.
  • All this leads to a reduction in life expectancy of 9 years in women and 12 years in men.

Q3) Can all these problems be corrected?

Yes. If low-calorie diet & exercise do not reduce your obesity then bariatric surgery-induced weight loss leads to resolution of almost all the above-mentioned co-morbidities (problems).

Q4) What should I do?

If your BMI is more than 25- 30 then you should get yourself checked at the “Preventive Health Check for Obese People.

Q5) What will I gain by getting checked at this clinic?

The Bariatric & Metabolic consultant surgeon will thoroughly examine /evaluate the structure and function of all the parts of your body from head to toe, including blood tests, scans & heart & lung function if needed.

He will then explain to you in detail the results of all the examination & tests and will advise you on how to correct treat them.    He may refer you to other specialists like a dietitian, cardiac pulmonologist, and endocrinologist if and as needed.

He will also explain to you in detail the surgical operations avails and will offer them to those obese patients who will benefit from an operation.