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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Psychological contemplations during Lockdown!

It’s a sudden crisis, there was no storm, no earthquake, no land slide , still.. we see ourselves in an unprecedented situation. We are used to a fast paced life, leisure time has been a luxury, and we have had issues like pollution and plastic but we always thought someone will deal with it.

And suddenly, we are caged in our limited domains, there is an unknown enemy which can swiftly take hold of us and kill us, it has overwhelmed mighty empires with world class facilities but now we are told that the only way to tackle it is to stay locked.

This restraint is unsettling, we are trying to look at positives but are unable to maintain positivity because the threat of looming tragedy scares us.

Authorities are trying what they can do, but what can we do, not just to distract us but to accept that although it’s a new way but a liveable way !

  1. Accept that we are doing what we should do, that if we stay where we are, we can not only tackle the threat of COVID 19 pandemic effectively but also find an opportunity to explore new aspects of living with limited options.
  2. Identify what scares us, is it the fear of falling sick or having inadequate supplies for day today living. Once we know the problem, we can find a solution.
  3. Don’t let other people’s fears and doubts rob you off your mental peace. Just because someone thinks they can’t live without regular supply of shampoo, doesn’t mean you can’t either… you probably never thought about it before you heard about it.
  4. Make a routine, it’s always easy to walk a path if you have a map of it. So follow a time table like you used to, wake up on time, exercise wherever you can, bathe and groom and set up a nook or space as your work place.
  5. Since there is no commute time, and no socialising, there is a luxury of leisure time, find a hobby or an activity you hoped to do, learn a new skill or hone an existing one, sing, dance, paint, cook or try something new.
  6. For so long we have focused on the world outside for fun and many of us lost touch with the world with in the boundaries of our house. This is an opportunity to explore that world, beyond the cacophony of the goals and targets of work and social life, new goals can be formed and relationships forged.
  7. Limit time spent on viewing news channels or following social media for information. Use time creatively, we have it today, we may not have this luxury tomorrow.
  8. Last but not the least, keep a positive mindset, change is the only