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Recommended strategies in the case of a Dengue outbreak or Epidemic?

Dengue is caused by the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito (Tiger Mosquito).The primary preventive measure is the control of mosquito population. As the transmission of dengue requires mosquitoes as a vector, the spread can be limited by reducing the mosquito population. One important environmental management strategy is to eliminate unnecessary container habitat that collects water. You need to curb the placement of empty jars, etc that can collect water and lead to the breeding of mosquitoes. Example are- Plastic jars, Bottles, Cans, Tyres, Bucket, Coconut Coverings, Cooler. These are the common habitats where Aedes agyptilah  lays its eggs. Hence the best strategy is local source reduction. When container habitats are removed and water storage containers are covered with fine mesh, mosquitoes have limited, opportunity to lay eggs.

Some tips to control the Dengue outbreak:

tips to control Dengue

  • Environmental management initiatives include major changes in a community such as initiating water system.
  • Direct connection to residences by replacing wells by other water storage containers.
  • Mosquito population can be reduced by keeping the gutters and street drains free.
  • Educational initiatives need to be taken to encourage people to take an active role in participating in source reduction.
  • People should use the window in door screens, thereby preventing mosquitoes from entering into homes.
  • Aedes mosquito typically bites people during the day so, wearing long pants by long sleeved shirts can reduce mosquito bites when spending time outdoor.
  • Mosquito repellents can be applied to exposed skin to lower the risk of a bite.
  • Sleeping under mosquito nets can provide protection from being bitten particularly in areas where people rest in afternoon or in houses infants.
  • Insecticides can be used to kill mosquito larva or adult mosquito, though they could be toxic to humans also.
  • Biological control of dengue mosquito can be tried by using many varieties of fish like mosquito fish gold fish etc.
  • Hence our strategy should be source reduction, using mosquito nets and environmental management in a combined fashion.