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Risk factors of Osteoporosis

Risk factors of Osteoporosis
in Rheumatology

Apr 19, 2022

Osteoporosis increases our chances to break our bones as we lose bone mass & density. We may not have any pain or symptoms. The 1st sigh may be bone fracture. Points which make osteoporosis more likely are:

Age– Our bone density peaks around the age of 30 years. Post that we begin to lose bone mass. That is a strong reason to indulge in strength training & weight-bearing exercises and ensure that we get adequate Calcium 7 Vitamin D from our diet, to keep our bones strong even when we get old

Gender– Women above 50 years of age are most likely to develop osteoporosis. The condition is four times more likely to occur in women as compared to men. The lighter & thinner bones of women and their longer lives are also a part reason for being at a higher risk. Men too can suffer from osteoporosis.

Family history– If our grand parents or parents have had any symptom of osteoporosis i.e. a fractured hip post a minor fall, there are chances we may have it too.

Bone structure & body weight – Petite & thin women have greater chances of developing osteoporosis. 1 reason is that they have less bone to loose as compared to women with larger frames and more body weight. Similarly, thin, small-boned men are at higher risk as compared to men with more body weight and larger frames.

Broken bones– If we’ve had fractures earlier, our bones may not be strong enough.

Certain diseases– Some diseases like rheumatoid arthritis increase our chances to suffer from  osteoporosis.

Some medications– Some prescription medications i.e. if we take steroids like prednisone for long duration, could also boost our chances of having osteoporosis.

Smoking– It is very bad for bones. We shall quit smoking as soon as possible to lower our risk of osteoporosis, fractures and many other health issues.

Alcohol– Too much consumption of alcohol also results in thinning of our bones & increases the chances of our fractures. We shall avoid drinking alcohol.

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