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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Risk factors of stomach cancer

The following are the risk factors of developing stomach cancer:

  • Age Group – Stomach cancer occurs most commonly in people older than 55 years of age. Most of the people diagnosed with stomach cancer are in their 60s and 70s.
  • Gender -Men are twice as likely to develop stomach cancer as women.
  • Bacteria-  A common bacterium called as  Helicobacter pylori, also called  pylori, causes stomach inflammation and ulcers. It is also considered one of the basic  causes of stomach cancer. Testing for H. pylori is available and an infection can be diagnosed  with antibiotics.
  • Family History – People who have a parent, child, or sibling who has had stomach cancer are at increased risk. In addition, certain inherited genetic disorders factors .
  • Diet-Eating a diet high quality in salt has been linked   to an developed  risk of stomach cancer. It includes foods preserved by drying, smoking, salting, or pickling and foods high range in added salt. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables may help lower the risk.
  • Previous surgery or health conditions- People who have had stomach surgery pernicious anemia, or achlorhydria have a higher risk of stomach cancer.
  • Occupational Exposure- Exposure to certain dusts and fumes may increase the risk of developing stomach cancer.
  • Tobacco and alcohol- Tobacco consumption and excessive alcohol consumption may increase the risk of developing stomach cancer.
  • Obesity- Over weight increases a man’s risk of developing high risk of stomach cancer. It is not confirm that whether obesity increases a woman’s risk of stomach cancer.