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How To Prepare Yourself For symptoms of COVID 19 3rd wave

How To Prepare Yourself For symptoms of COVID 19 3rd wave
in Internal Medicine

Apr 19, 2022

With all experts and government bodies warning civilians of signs and symptoms of Covid 19 3rd wave, its arrival is not a question of if rather than it is of when. With news channels reporting potential new symptoms of COVID 3rd wave, it can be confusing and stressful to understand how to keep yourself safe from Covid 3rd wave in India. With the prediction of the potentially devastating and destructive COVID 3rd wave in India, this article has everything you need to know to keep yourself safe from contracting the coronavirus. Before we can learn preventive measures, let us first identify the symptoms of COVID 19 3rd wave.

Signs and Symptoms of Covid 19 3rd Wave

With the danger of the third wave of COVID 19 looming, how you can stay safe and avoid contracting new symptoms of Covid 19 3rd Wave. Know signs and symptoms of Covid 19 3rd wave.

What are the symptoms of COVID 19 3rd wave?

Although no precise, detailed, and specific symptoms of COVID 19 3rd wave have been released to the public, most of them will probably be the ones we have grown familiar with. COVID 19 3rd wave symptoms will most probably include fever, respiratory trouble, shortness of breath, frequent cough, and other such flu symptoms. Since the new symptoms of COVID 3rd wave will only appear 2-14 days after infection, the best choice is to stay at home and minimise contact as much as possible to avoid the possibility of spreading such a dangerous infection. New symptoms of Covid 3rd wave can be seen even in individuals who are fully vaccinated and may include headaches, runny nose, loss of smell, sore throat, and sneezing.

How do I stay safe from COVID 19 3rd wave symptoms?

As the COVID 3rd wave in India will sweep the nation, following COVID precautions to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you is a must. If you encounter signs and symptoms of Covid 19 3rd wave, stay safe from Covid 3rd wave and new variant of covid 19 through the following measures:

  1. Maintain Proper Hygiene – It is imperative to wash your hands thoroughly every time you encounter a foreign substance and before you touch your face or eat food. If travelling somewhere is a necessity, make sure to carry enough hand sanitiser to avoid virus infection from COVID 19 3rd wave symptoms.
  2. Do Not Touch Your Face – By touching your face or mask frequently, you can spread infection from your hands to your eyes, nose, and mouth while simultaneously compromising the effectiveness of your mask.
  3. Stay At Home – Staying at home and minimising contact with other people is the simplest way to avoid contracting new symptoms of COVID 19 3rd wave. Try and do most of your work from home, only socialise online, and avoid unnecessary trips to the market.
  4. Strengthen Your Respiratory Health – Activities such as yoga and meditation can help improve your lung health, a factor that might protect you from new symptoms of COVID 19 3rd wave. Additionally, avoid deteriorating your health with harmful activities such as smoking.
  5. Get Good Sleep – A healthy amount of sleep, around 7-8 hours at night, is essential for your wellbeing.
  6. Diet – Make sure you maintain a healthy diet to give your body all the strength it needs. This includes taking an adequate amount of fluids along with healthy food that has good proteins for better immunity.
  7. Watch Chronic Illnesses – If you suffer from certain chronic illnesses like diabetes or CAD, make sure you closely monitor them to stay in proper shape.
  8. Take the Covid Vaccination – It is absolutely essential that you get Covid vaccination with both doses of COVID 19 vaccine to boost your immunity and reduce your chances of a severe illness.

Whether or not you are Covid vaccinated, the 3rd wave of COVID in India and new variant of Covid 19 still needs to be taken very seriously. By following all preventive measures, maintaining proper pandemic behaviour, and only spreading accurate information, we can battle the symptoms of 3rd wave of COVID 19. To learn more about signs and symptoms of Covid 19 3rd wave, read more at Paras Hospitals.

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