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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Smoking and Cancer

Tobacco use remains one of the leading causes of deaths worldwide. Since 1800’s tobacco use has been linked with cancer. In early ages cigars were thought to cause cancers in the oral cavity along with irritation. Since the inception of tobacco smoking in form of cigarette the rates of individuals both males and females using smoking has been increasing. This has also led to a rising prevelance of people suffering from tobacco related cancers – mouth cancer, tongue cancer, lung cancer, to list a few.

Smoking leads to Cancer

Know more about Smoking & how it impacts you along with the world:

  • Smoking habits are increasing in developing nations – Due to the strong implementation of antitobacco laws in western world the rates of smoking has decreased but at the same times the number of smokers have increased remarkably in developing nations.
  • Smoking can cause a number of cancers – Tobacco smoke has been classified as group 1 carcinogen by international agency for research on cancer[ IARC ]. Total 72 measurable carcinogens were found in cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoking has been associated with cancers of orolaryngopharynx, upper GI tract, lower GI tract , urinary tract, pancreas , liver, lung, cervix and acute myeloid leukemia. There is emerging data of association with cancers of breast.
  • Your lungs get the most affected by smoking – Maximum risk is associated with lung cancer the cancer risk depends on pack year. It signifies no of pack of cigarette smoked per day for no of years. The risk increases with increase in pack years.
  • Quitting smoking early helps you a great deal – Cessation of smoking confers reduction in risk. The maximum risk reduction is when the cessation is below age of 40.
  • Your metabolism can affect your smoking urges – The usage depends on the nicotine metabolism. People with a higher metabolism for nicotine are susceptible for smoking more no of cigarette each day.
  • There is no alternate for cigarettes – The tar was considered as main factor in causation of cancer. Tar is nothing but collected particulate matter present in smoke. Low tar cigarettes were introduced to solve the problem along with filters but these changes have not materialized lower disease burden.

Smoking can affect you and your loved ones adversely :

Cigarette smoking is a long term addiction leading to administration of cancer causing toxins multiple times each day over the course of decades. The change in DNA known as DNA adduct are centre to cancer causation. The smokers are found to have higher levels of DNA adducts compared to non smokers.Smoking is not only injurious to your own heath but also the people who trust you with their safety and health specially your family and friends. Passive smoking is a known factor in cancer causation.Smoking cessation requires strong will of the individual along with help from physician in form of drugs and supplement.