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Posted on Apr 19, 2022


It’s common to have cramps or feel uncomfortable when a female has her periods. And it’s common to sometimes have periods that don’t come on a regular schedule and are irregular at times.

Some common period problems are:-

  • Cramps – Slight Cramping pain is normal during period over the counter medication can allay this pain.
  • Heavy Bleeding– 1-2 Pads in average is normal during the period time.

One should consult a Doctor when more than 3 pads per day and passing clots during menses.

  • Spotting in B/W Period– Might happen in a regular cycle once or twice but is not regular. .

One should consult a doctor when the spotting happens regularly almost every month.

  • Irregular Cycles– These can happen very rarely. However one should consult a doctor if the cycles are irregular from 16 years of age or 3years after onset of menses.
  • Decreased Flows– Very less blood flow during the cycle is a sign of concern and one should consider consulting a doctor immediately.
  • Stress-If you are under a lot of stress, your periods might not come or get delayed sometimes, but they usually begin again when the stress level goes down.
  • Exercise-Too much physical activity can cause your body fat to be very low, which can cause your periods to stop. This can happen if you are training hard for sports or if you work out a lot on your own. Being active usually is good for you, but if you are over-tired or get injured often, you may be overdoing it.